Our mountain trained horses are the heart and soul of our company! We hand select and train all of our own horses at Swan Mountain Outfitters. The majority are Draft, Half-Draft, Paints and Quarter Horses and are characterized by “get-up-and-go” personalities, big muscles and savvy, mountain trail experience. Think of them as elite athletes! All of our horses are selected with the calm disposition and athletic ability necessary for horseback riding in the mountains.

Our Packing Mules

In addition to our horses, about a quarter of the Swan Mountain Outfitters herd is composed of mules. Many of our mules are broke to both ride and pack, but we primarily use them for packing. These incredible, sure footed animals are responsible for hauling all of the gear and meat to and from hunting camps during our fall hunting trips.

On the first day of your Montana horseback hunt, you will receive a lesson in the basics of horsemanship. Our horses are gentle and very good at their jobs, but they are living, breathing animals and therefore inherently risky. Your safety and well being is our primary concern, so instruction will not only cover riding skills, but also specific wilderness riding precautions.

Whether you are a novice or experienced rider, we will match you with a horse which suits your own skill level and personality to ensure that you have the best possible horseback experience.

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