Do I need to be in shape?

If you haven’t ridden in a while or at all, it always helps to get in the saddle a few times before you get here to get those certain muscles in the mood. We will ride between 4 and 6 hours each day. Though we do far more riding than hiking, you may find yourself exploring around on foot over steep and uneven terrain too. If you have done a little bit of exercise before you come, you won’t feel so out of shape when you get here. On our excursion days it will usually be split up with ride to a spot in the morning and back in the afternoon. These trips are at a relaxed pace, no intense workouts, but just a little bit of preparation will make the trip a whole lot more enjoyable. Travel and elevation changes in general can stress your body, so you’ll want to give yourself every advantage in being physically prepared for your pack trip. BY the way, if you are thinking of getting new hiking boots, break them in BEFORE you get here to avoid blisters on the trip.

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