Swan Mountain Outfitters provides guided free chase big game hunts in Montana on both private and public land throughout the Northwest. We offer:  mule and whitetail deer hunts, archery elk hunts, archery whitetail hunts, wilderness elk hunts, wilderness multi-weapon hunts, wilderness combination big game hunts, spring and fall black bear, horseback hunts, lodge hunts, mountain lion hunts, moose hunts and goat hunts.  Swan Mountain Outfitters is fortunate to have, based on our hunting permits, access to thousands of acres of the Flathead National Forest, in and around the famed Bob Marshall Wilderness. Big Game Hunting in western Montana takes place primarily on remote lands owned by the Flathead National Forest, the State of Montana, and private timber companies. Swan Mountain Outfitters has under permit hundreds of miles of public hunting ground being the only commercial Montana hunting outfitter with permits to hunt big game such as: mule and whitetail deer, elk moose, goat and lions in this area. While we employ highly skilled and experienced guides, these big game hunts are very challenging and do not carry guarantees of the harvesting of game.  If the thought of going home without of an animal is not palatable to you, do not book a hunt!

While this hunting area in Montana is open to resident hunters, few choose to pack into the wilderness or leave the valley floor, which is accessible only by foot or horseback, leaving our guides to help you explore a rich stock of wildlife and vast hunting terrain.

At Swan Mountain Outfitters, we offer special “bring your son or daughter” rates where you receive 50% off the per person price for your son or daughter (age 25 or younger) when they accompany you on your big game hunting trip with Swan Mountain Outfitters. A great way to introduce them to this sport and a terrific value!  We also offer 10% off to groups of four or more and to husband/wife teams that hunt together.


We are a full service elk hunting guide outfit guiding hunts in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Swan Valley areas of Montana off of horseback.  Our hunting areas support a number of elk herds, with elk bulls taken frequently enough on our elk hunts. Our hunting areas also support ample populations of  whitetail and mule deer and color phase black bear, increasing the chances of success across species. This terrain is more challenging to hunt elk in, no doubt, no flat land here. With the expertise and skill provided by our guides, we have had good luck in past years, and expect that to continue in the future. Our elk herds are in better shape today than they have been in thirty years!


With the presence of mountain mule deer in this part of Montana, it is safe to say that high country mule deer hunts are our passion. Our guides provide great success rates on our guided mule deer hunts for those deer hunters willing to put in the extra effort to go up high for a mountain mule deer.  Make no mistake, mountain mule deer are tough, and hunting them is even tougher, but for those that have the drive and physical ability to get up high, these hunts are remarkably rewarding.


For hunters interested in whitetail deer hunting, we have some super bucks and Boone and Crockett will confirm that the Flathead National Forest is one of the largest producers of trophy whitetail deer on public land in the country. We have a variety of choices to hunt Whitetails either in combination with other species or targeting whitetails specifically. This is our highest success category for our hunts, and whitetail deer are too often over looked in Montana.


Black bears are plentiful in western Montana and are legal game. The Swan Valley has the highest population concentration, and produces the best color phased bears in the state. We hunt black bears in the spring exclusively and in the fall in combination with our other hunts, or as a stand alone hunt.


Lion Hunts are offered beginning in December and are run out of US Forest Service , Montana DNRC and private timber leased land in the Swan Valley as well as west of Kalispell. We utilize experienced hounds men and dogs to “tree” cats. This is a unique experience and we have great cats. It will be necessary to apply for a special permit in either Hunting District (HD) 102, 103, 120 and 130, or you can buy a winter license and hunt HD 132.


We also offer mountain goat and moose hunts for those fortunate to draw special permits in our areas.  We offer custom hunting and private trips for small groups. Just call us to discuss your needs.

Swan Mountain Outfitters operates our hunting trips under permits from the U.S. Forest Service and State of Montana DNRC.  We operate on both private and public land. All hunts are conducted under the Outfitter’s License (#34041) of Patrick Tabor.



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