Swan Mountain Outfitters is a premier full service horseback based Montana Outfitter. Although we do offer an un-guided drop camp service, we really feel that guided is the way to go! Going guided offers an increased measure of safety and resources at your back, and allows you to tap into the guide’s knowledge of the horses, the landscape, and the flora and fauna you’ll encounter. Every trip is unique, as guides can tailor the experience to the best fit of the group.

Our guides are knowledgeable and experienced in their crafts, but also hold certifications in first aid, CPR, and may boast other training pertinent to the class of adventure you seek. We employ friendly and compassionate people who seek to make you feel safe and at home on your trip with us. They are committed to delivering the best possible experience for you.

Guided trips



All of our ungulate hunts are fair chase. Our hunting areas support a number of ungulate populations and we are able to guide hunts for elk, mule deer, and whitetail deer. You can choose archery or rifle, or both. You can choose multiple species too. We can access areas in the Swan Valley as well as gain access to the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We can use a base camp to hunt out of as well as place spike camps closer to habitats. Most of our hunts combine horseback riding and hiking to stalk elk and deer, but whitetail hunters may opt for a tree stand too.

We can even guide moose and mountain goat hunts to those hunters fortunate enough to draw special permits in the Bob Marshall Wilderness or Swan Valley of Montana.

Bear and Lion

We have guided black bear hunts in the Swan Valley in both the fall and the spring. Uniquely colored bears in brown, cinnamon, blonde, and chocolate are found frequently in our area. We have a unique ability to use horses on our black bear hunts, if desired. All bear hunting in Montana is spot and stalk and the use of dogs or baiting is not allowed.

Mountain lion hunts do utilize dogs to scent and tree the lions. Our houndsmen guide in some of the best lion hunting districts in the state. We have under Flathead National Forest and Swan River State Forest more mountain lion hunting permits than any other northwest Montana outfitter.

Pack Trips

Having guided many guests into the wilderness on horseback, we know that most want: access to real wilderness, surefooted horses, a comfortable camp, good food, and an itinerary that is active and fun but not too demanding. We pride ourselves on providing an authentic backcountry experience that meets these demands. Pack trips are great for families, groups or friends that like to vacation together as beginners and advanced riders alike can enjoy the adventure.

We operate our Montana Pack Trips out of wilderness ‘base camps’ for 3-day, 5-day, or 6-day trips. We venture out in a different direction from camp each day exploring different parts of “The Bob” and we return to the same location each evening. After a full day of activities you’ll return to the comfort of your own wall tent and hearty meals prepared by the camp cook. There’s even a hot outback shower! Nestled at the edge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, the Lion Creek upper camp for our back country pack trips provides an unparalleled setting for an authentic Montana horseback riding adventure.


We’ve got all aspects of Montana fly fishing at its best! Don’t know how to fly fish? You can spin cast too, or learn how to fly fish from our skilled guides in one of our fly fishing clinics.

There are several approaches we can to fishing. You can float down the Swan River for a day or overnight fishing experience. You can go on foot to fish from shorelines and wade into the shallow water. You can even ride a horse for a day or overnight fishing adventure. The Swan Valley has ample fishing opportunities.

Want to level up your fishing with a multiday fly fishing adventure into the Bob Marshall Wildness? We’ll take the basic format of our horseback pack trip and put a fishing focus on it. We’ll use our savvy trail horses to access pristine alpine lakes with native trout species and have ample time out of the saddle to cast to our hearts content.

Trail riding

New to horses or short on time? For whatever reason you may not be ready for a wilderness pack trip, but can still enjoy a trail ride. Our quick two-hour trail ride may be just the ticket. We also have half day and full rides which feature a picnic lunch at a scenic rest stop. Swan Mountain Outfitters is the largest horseback outfitter in the northwest, so if we don’t have what you need at our beautiful and secluded Swan Valley location, we can direct you towards a multitude of 1 hour to 8 hour trail rides in Glacier National Park.

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