We believe we offer hunters an incredible opportunity to hunt Whitetail deer here in Montana.  Our guided whitetail deer hunts are offered in one of two seasons, and we have several options.  Hunting for Whitetail deer in the mountains of Montana is often done differently than Whitetail hunting in the Midwest or south.  In Montana these deer can be either mountain whitetails or plains whitetails.  Swan Mountain Outfitters specializes in mountain Whitetail Deer.  We hunt public land exclusively, in the mountains of Flathead National Forest in Northwest Montana. We offer guided archery hunting trips as well as guided rifle hunts.  You can hunt Whitetail deer by horseback or you can hunt using stands and blinds. Hunters can elect to stay in the luxury of our lodge or in the traditional setting of our outfitters camp.

Whitetail deer in our part of Montana are typically found at the lower elevations around our base camp and throughout the Swan-Seeley Valley, you’ll find them in the foothills and clearcuts. Whitetail hunting in Montana is very different from other areas of the country. Because there is so much food and water in their natural habitat, you don’t need to pattern whitetail deer in Montana in the same manner as you would in other parts of the country; there are no acorns. We have quality Whitetail deer hunting in Montana primarily because our deer, not being over hunted, live longer. For example, it is possible to down a deer five years old or even older with much more developed racks.

Archery Whitetail Deer Hunts

Hunters that enjoy archery hunting for Whitetails, will truly enjoy the hunting in Montana.  We have thousands of acres of public land that we archery hunt.  We have scouted the areas and have set up tree stands and blinds for our archery hunters.  We can host you out of our base camp or lodge, your choice.  Our archery hunts are one of more affordable hunts as we can service more hunters with one guide since the majority of the time is spent in stands or blinds.

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