Our guests often request all-inclusive lodging and transportation packages before and after their trip with Swan Mountain Outfitters. We have some recommendations for how to round out your trip and achieve that all inclusive feel, while being able to customize to your own needs. Many guests like to explore the area further on their own before or after their trip with us.

You will have to arrange pre and post trip lodging yourself. Transportation will be a big factor to consider, as we are in a remote and sparsely populated setting, don’t count on a taxi or Uber driver to get you here! Guests have the following options related to transportation before and after your trip:

  1. Drive to the area in your own car
  2. Rent a car once you get to the airport or train station
  3. Choose lodging that has an airport shuttle service, and arrange subsequent transportation from there.

Swan Mountain Outfitters does offer pre and post trip shuttle services to nearby hotels: $95 per person coming from/to Kalispell, and $120 coming from/to Missoula.

The following Kalispell hotels have complimentary airport shuttles:

The following establishments are closer to the Swan Valley and Swan Mountain Outfitters can pick you up and drop you off from airport/hotel/camp:

Finally, one lodging property is located just five miles from our camp and has agreed to put together a full lodging meals/transportation package pre and post trip: