Swan Mountain Outfitters is a premier mule deer hunting guide service.  Of all the species we hunt, we are passionate about hunting mountain mule deer.  There is nothing prettier (or tastier) then a mountain Muley and the mule deer in our area are among the best in the state of Montana on public land. We can either provide a guided mule deer hunt exclusively, or in combination with elk, whitetail and bear.

Montana mule deer are not the same all over, and the mountain mule deer in our area are not like the mule deer you will find in the deserts in other western states, or in the plains in the eastern part of Montana or elsewhere. Mountain mule deer eat different browse that result in large antler base mass, as well as deep chocolate coloration of the antlers. The mule deer grow quite large, and it is not uncommon for a deer to exceed 325 pounds in weight fully dressed out.   Our guided mule deer hunts are done off of horseback.  Horseback mule deer hunts are the ultimate western hunting experience.  Given the size and range of the mule deer in our area, hunting them on horseback is a must.  We offer Bob Marshall Wilderness mule deer hunts as well as hunts off of horseback for mulies in the Swan Range.  Hunters need to realize that mountain mule deer occupy the highest peaks and toughest terrain of all the animals in the area.  If you truly want a trophy mountain mule deer, you must be prepared to work for it.

Mule deer hunting in the backcountry using spike camping has been quite successful for us and allows hunters to learn a different set of hunting tactics vs. elk hunting. But don’t forget to bring your high country boots. Our mule deer love the high country!

Although many of our hunters book combination hunts, if you would like to arrange a standalone “mule deer only” hunt, just let us know and we’ll make up a special hunt plan just for you.

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