Horseback Riding By the Hour

Many of our guests at Swan Mountain Outfitters are new to mountain horseback riding and perhaps find the prospect of an all day ride on a horse a little daunting. We offer anywhere from  two-hour to all day trail rides on a variety of wilderness trails for practically every level of rider. No prior experience is necessary!

All trail rides launch from our base camp off of Lion Creek Road in the Flathead National Forest. The base camp is fully equipped with restrooms and a gift shop. When you call in your reservations, we’ll ask you specific questions so that we can prepare the horses prior to your arrival. Then when you arrive, we’ll fine-tune your saddle by adjusting the stirrups to fit just right. Once everyone has been fitted, we’ll go over a safety briefing and quick training so your ready to go.

There are snacks available for purchase, and a gift shop on-site at our base camp. Many folks like to link a short duration horseback trail ride with one of our fishing or float trips on the Swan River.

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All Day Trail Rides

Swan Mountain Outfitters also offers spectacular longer duration trail rides (6 to 8 hours) that include lunch and a stopover at an unforgettable spot. More experienced riders just love this opportunity to ride by horseback high above the valley floor to see the awe-inspiring views of the Mission and Swan Mountains that form the infamous Swan Valley. We usually ride up the Lion Creek drainage paralleling the creek the majority of the ride. Imagine having lunch with your toes soaking in the cool water of the creek, or taking pictures of a waterfall cascading over 100 feet!

Similar to our short duration rides, our all day rides launch from our base camp off of Lion Creek Road in the Flathead National Forest. We like to get an early morning start, and after fitting stirrups and our safety/training briefing we’re off!

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Daily Fishing/Trail Ride Combinations

Swan Mountain Outfitters offers several daily destinations for our fishing/trail ride excursions. These include Scout, Shay, Bond and Pony Lakes and the surround creek/stream tributaries.

The day begins by meeting your fishing guide/wrangler at the trail head and once you have completed some paperwork and received a safety briefing you will mount up and ride to your fishing destination. Once you arrive, the guide will unpack the gear that we provide and you have your choice to fish the shore, tributary streams or darn a pair of waders and venture out into the mountain lake in a float tube that we will pack in with a mule. We’ll pack a hearty lunch and refreshment for you. All you have to do is relax fish and enjoy an epic Montana day in the pristine solitude of the Swan Valley!

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