Northwest Montana pack trips are reminiscent of a different era, when all you needed was a cowboy hat and your trusty steed to make it through the wilderness. Times have certainly changed since then, but our weekend horseback riding trips in Montana allow even those with the most jam packed northwest Montana vacation schedule to experience a small slice of this deep rooted Montana tradition.

Our 3 day, 2 night Montana weekend pack trip allows any guest the opportunity to fit a full pack trip experience into a mini family horseback riding vacation. Nothing compares to horseback riding in the Bob Marshall Wilderness where the scenery just gets more and more incredible every time you come around the bend.

Guests leave the Swan Mountain Outfitters base camp off of Lion Creek Road Friday morning and we’ll ride 5 hours to our upper camp at the top of Lion Creek Basin, some 6,000 feet above sea level. On Saturday, we’ll take an excursion into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area. The excursion we choose is based on what the group is most interested in doing whether that be a full day of fishing, another day of authentic Montana horseback riding or taking in majestic views as they hike along high alpine trails. On Sunday we’ll wrap up your mini Montana horseback riding adventure with a full day of riding down the mountain. Guests will typically return to base camp late in the afternoon or early evening.

No other outfitter accessing the Bob is able to offer a short duration trip, due to our location Swan Mountain Outfitters is proud to be able to include this option for visitors wanting a ‘taste” of backcountry trips.

A weekend horseback riding trip in northwest Montana is the perfect addition to any Montana vacation, so call us to book your 3 day pack trip today!

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