How do I get my meat, cape and antlers back home?

We refer our clients to a local butcher who, depending on when the animal gets to him, can have the meat cut, wrapped and frozen for your trip home. Please check with your chosen airline for extra luggage charges. In the event you fill out late in your hunt, the butcher will flash freeze and send 5-day ground which keeps it reasonably priced. Previous clients have indicated that this has worked well unless you live in a remote location, and then shipping can be expensive. There is no charge for the time to pack and drive. If you don’t want your meat, we will pay processing fees and use it in our camp.

If you have your own taxidermist, we can arrange to have your cape and skull shipped to them. There is a $75 fee for this service plus the cost of shipping. We can recommend a great local taxidermist, Shawn Andres of Alpine Artistry. He can pick everything up and ship you the finished product. This allows you the return home with no worries. He is world renowned, competitively priced, and does phenomenal work.

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