What about bear attacks?

Since bears are wild animals native to this area, there is always a chance of encountering them on the trail. However, they are not attracted to the horses, they do not seek us out. Since the horses make a lot of noise and smells, bears in the vicinity tend to sense us before we sense them, and move off the trail. The horses are actually your best defense against bears that you may see out on the trail. All of our guides have been trained on the protocol for bear sightings and encounters and may carry a firearm just in case.

We discourage you from bringing bear spray on the trail ride. The chances that the bear spray will negatively affect the horses instead of the bear are extremely high. If that were to happen, you would be in much greater danger of a horse accident than you would have been of a bear attack. (Bear spray may be useful on multi-day trips or the Fish ‘n Ride when you will spend time on foot away from the horses.)

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