What can I expect related to riding, climbing, and heights?

All of our base camp hunts stage out of our main camp that you can drive into. Once your gear is offloaded and your cars parked, we’ll ride or walk out of camp each day. The travel time from the base camp to many of our hunting spots is anywhere between 1-3 hours of riding. Some of the riding is level ground and a good amount is working up the mountain on zigzagging narrow trails we call switchbacks. At times the climb up with your horse is steep, your horse is very well trained, sure footed and has done this trail many times. For those who have fears of heights, it will surely bring some moments of exhilaration. Once we arrive at our targeted hunting site, we will tie off and hunt off of foot for the day. Each day very early before sunlight, we will proceed up the mountain with no lights, your horse will get you there. Coming back late in the day after dark, we will be walking or riding down the mountain trails back to camp with our headlamps.

Lion hunters: we won’t use horses on your hunts. There is really no concerns with having a fear of heights. Instead you’ll just want to be extra prepared for those early morning starts and cold, winter weather conditions.


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