What if I have a fear of heights?

Our pack trips will surely bring some moments of exhilaration. For most folks, this doesn’t tip the scale towards terror. If your fear of heights is severe however, that may be something to reflect on before your trip. While you won’t find yourself on the edge of cliff, you will indeed find yourself on the side of a mountain. And, you’ll experience awesome, sweeping views.

As we ride up 4,500 feet from the valley floor, the horses work their way up zigzagging narrow trails we call switchbacks. There is still some angle of slope and some trees or brush beneath you that helps reduce fears of falling. Additionally, your horse is very well trained, sure-footed, and has done this trail many times. On daily excursions from camp into the wilderness, you’ll ascend another 2, 000 or so feet and traverse a mountain pass which is much more rocky and sparsely treed. There are also plenty of stretches of level ground too though for reprieve.



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