Where will we be?

The trip begins out of our Base Camp, which is 3 miles off of Montana Highway 83 just north of the town of Condon. We load up and begin the ride up to our Upper Camp, which is 14 miles from our base camp rising approximately 4500 feet in elevation. The Upper camp is just below Swan Peak on the south side, the creek is fed by a glacier. Each day we will strike out to a different spot into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, which is only 2.5 miles away over Lion Creek Pass. If you want to order topo maps from U.S. Geological Survey (Denver, CO 80225 or Renton, VA 22092), you should request these quadrants: Salmon Prairie and Swan Peak. GPS Coordinates for Upper Camp are: N 47o 41.492’ W 113o 36.795’, in case you want to use Google Earth.

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