Come fish beautiful Swan Lake in our pontoon boat! We cater to fly-fisherman, spin casters and bait casters for trophy sized pike and lake trout, whether you are a novice angler that likes to watch a bobber or a hardcore fly fishing enthusiast. We’ll spend a full day (7 hours) of fishing on the lake and enjoy a hot grilled lunch on the boat. Though this 26 foot boat can accommodate 9 people, we will limit capacity to just 4 anglers to ensure a high quality experience.

This is a great opportunity to bust out your fly rod or spinner when the rivers are flooded and muddy but you still want to scratch that fishing itch after a long cold winter! The best time to go out and target pike on Swan Lake is from April 15-June 15 each year. During the spring season right after the ice breaks up Northern Pike come in droves to the shallows to feed on smaller bait fish and eventually lay eggs. The hunt for pike is a spot and stock sight-fishing game much like Bonefish and other flats species. We can spin cast or fly fish for the Rainbow trout and we typically jig or troll for the lake trout.

If bringing your own equipment we recommend a 8 weight fly rod with a sink tip and floating line as well as a wire leader. For spinner fisherman we recommend a 9 ft rod with 250 yards of braided line and a wire leader. Don’t have a pike rod? Not to worry, we have all the equipment necessary!

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