Our most popular Montana pack trip is our 5-day horseback riding pack trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. We offer this pack trip every week during the summer beginning in the first week of July through September 7. We meet in the base camp off of Lion Creek Road on a Monday and we return back to this same spot late Friday afternoon.

The following itinerary outlines what you can expect on a typical 5-day Montana riding vacation and pack trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness:

Day One

While your duffel and gear are being packed and your horses saddled, you are free to hike in the forest, or just sit and watch us prepare to embark, a far cry from modern modes of transportation. Then we’ll “mount up” for the trip to our “upper” camp. We’ll ride for about five hours through majestic old growth cedar forests as we climb to 6,000 feet, stopping halfway for a picnic lunch at creek side. Upon arrival at upper camp, you’ll be shown to your tents and can relax at the creek side before dining by our open campfire and gazing at more stars than you ever dreamed existed.

Day Two

After a hearty breakfast, our day’s journey will take us over Lion Creek Pass and into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Here we’ll visit big game habitat, occupied by deer, elk, moose, mountain lion, black bear and grizzly bear and we’ll fish in high pristine alpine lakes, which abound with native cutthroat trout.

Day Three

We’ll head out in the opposite direction, toward Swan Peak (el. 9255 ft.) and panoramic 360-degree views. We’ll tie up our horses and have lunch on a mountaintop lush with wild flowers, while we watch the eagles soar. After lunch we’ll have an opportunity to hike even higher, approaching the glaciers and the rocky crags of the mountain goat. You’ll feel like you’re on the top of the world!

Day Four

We’ll go into “The Bob” again today, this time toward Owl Ridge, overlooking nature’s mighty avalanche slides. We can stop along the way to fish, or hike instead to the top of Owl Peak for a “bird’s eye view” of the Rocky Mountains, including the “Chinese Wall.” We will stop midway in the four-hour ride for lunch.

Last Day

The morning is yours to enjoy as you please, hiking upstream along the creek or just relaxing around camp while we pack your gear for the return trip. We’ll stop midway in the five-hour horse ride for lunch in a peaceful cedar grove beside cool, crystal-clear Lion Creek. We’ll take our time from there and get down to base camp off Lion Creek Road in the late afternoon or early evening.

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