Float & Fish Swan Lake

Come fish beautiful Swan Lake in our pontoon boat! We cater to fly-fisherman, spin casters and bait casters for trophy sized pike and lake trout, whether you are a novice angler that likes to watch a bobber or a hardcore … Continued

Fish & Ride Montana: Day Trips

Let’s allow our trail savvy horses and mules do the heavy lifting to get us to some often overlooked spots in the Swan Valley. They’ll enjoy a nice rest while you cast. This is a great option for folks who … Continued

Montana Fly Fishing Clinic

We make learning to fly fish easy and enjoyable in one of the most scenic and renowned fly fishing destinations in Montana. The release of movies like “A River Runs Through It” helped showcase the magnificence of fly fishing in … Continued

Custom Fishing Trips

Many folks like to design their own fishing trips and we love to help! Are you looking for a guided Montana fishing experience catered to your club, church group, friends or family? Are you looking for a self-guided adventure, but … Continued

Fish & Ride Montana: Overnight Trip

A sampler of our favorites: fishing, camping, and horseback riding. The perfect combination that works with tighter budgets and busy vacation itineraries. Overnight Fishing and Horseback Trail Riding Combinations For those guests that don’t have the time to join us … Continued

Walk & Wade in the Swan Valley

We offer a variety of ways to access our favorite fishing holes and for some folks the best way is the simple way. Shedding the extra gear and steps of boats, horses, even llamas, and just walk ‘n wade your … Continued

Fish & Ride Montana: Multi-day Pack Trip

Access more remote waters by riding into the backcountry! Our mules will pack in the gear, staff will take care of the cooking and camp details, and guides will show you the most scenic fishing spots. All you have to … Continued

Float & Fish on the Swan River

There’s nothing better than fly fishing in the Swan Valley. Imagine yourself floating along the river on a beautiful sunny day, taking in the pristine beauty of your surroundings and relishing in the excitement of outstanding fly fishing conditions. Floating … Continued