What should I wear (or bring) fishing?

  • Most anglers are comfortable in quick dry pants, shorts or a swimsuit. Check the weather to be sure. Regardless of the forecast, ALWAYS bring a lightweight rain jacket, bug repellent, and sun protection. Buffs are a great way to keep the sun off your neck.
  • We recommend polarized sunglasses to see fish easier.
  • It’s a good idea to bring sandals (Tevas or Keens), or wading boots with neoprene socks if you plan on wet wading. If its colder out we recommend waders. We have limited sizes in waders available.
  • Float trips: We use oar rig rubber rafts that are self-bailing which means you will get your feet wet!
  • Walk ‘n Wade: We recommend long (quick dry) pants and a long sleeve UV blocker shirt or light shirt as we walk through brush on the edge of the river.
  • Fish ‘n Ride: Make sure to start out wearing close toed shoes, long pants (ideally jeans) for the 2 ½ hour horseback ride each way. Bring a change of clothes for fishing. It’s helpful to bring a pack towel and extra layers. We’ll gain some elevation on the ride to the lake, meaning it could be 5-10 degrees cooler.
  • Multi-day: Visit the pack trips page for more information.
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