Is there a weight limit?

Regardless of your riding experience level, participants in our trail rides and pack trips must be 225 pounds or less. Imposing a weight limit is not a matter of prejudice, it is a means by which to ensure rider safety … Continued

What types of fish will I see?

On rivers (float trips, and walk ‘n wade) we target Rainbow, Cutthroat, Lake, and Brook Trout. There are Bull Trout which are protected and must be released. On alpine lakes (Fish ‘n ride, pack trips) we target Rainbow Trout and … Continued

What should I wear (or bring) fishing?

Most anglers are comfortable in quick dry pants, shorts or a swimsuit. Check the weather to be sure. Regardless of the forecast, ALWAYS bring a lightweight rain jacket, bug repellent, and sun protection. Buffs are a great way to keep … Continued

Is lunch provided on fishing trips?

A lunch is provided on full day fishing trips. On ½ day trips we will include snacks and drinks, if you think you might get extra hungry go ahead and bring your own snacks too. Contact us if you have … Continued

How do the licenses for fishing work?

Montana has various options for fishing licenses; so the one you get depends on how long you will be in the state, and how many of those days you intend to fish. They are: 1-day, 2-day, 10-day and season fishing … Continued