Custom Montana Horseback Pack Trips

Each year we have guests contact us who want help in creating a custom or private Montana wilderness pack trip to meet the needs of their family or group. We enjoy creating specialized itineraries and working with you to define … Continued

Wilderness Drop Camp

Drop camps are a unique way for back-country savvy guests to experience the wilderness on their own. You’ll coordinate with us on 1. Where you want to get to and 2. When you want to get there and 3. How … Continued

Weekender 3-Day Wilderness Pack Trip

Northwest Montana pack trips are reminiscent of a different era, when all you needed was a bedroll and your trusty steed to make it through the wilderness. Times have certainly changed since then, but our weekend horseback riding trips in … Continued

Classic 5-Day Wilderness Pack Trip

Our most popular horseback wilderness adventure is the 5-day pack trip. Fit this trip neatly into your one-week vacation with your flight or road trip on either side! What to Expect Monday: Guests leave the Swan Mountain Outfitters base camp … Continued

Epic 6-Day Wilderness Pack Trip

The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex is one of the most spectacular natural settings imaginable. Though our 3-day and 5-day trips are popular ways to sample it, a longer trip allows you gain greater access and more deeply explore the remote … Continued