What if I have a fear of heights?

Our pack trips will surely bring some moments of exhilaration. For most folks, this doesn’t tip the scale towards terror. If your fear of heights is severe however, that may be something to reflect on before your trip. While you … Continued

What about bears?

There are both grizzlies and black bears in the area. While there may be an opportunity to spot one, the bears are not at all interested in us, and do their best to avoid us. We follow all the appropriate … Continued

Is there any reading I can do on the area?

There are several great books on the Bob Marshall and surrounding areas, in particular Glacier National Park. Many folks like to get a book on the mountain alpine flowers or birds to help them with identification. If you do so, … Continued

Do I need to be in shape?

If you haven’t ridden in a while or at all, it always helps to get in the saddle a few times before you get here to get those certain muscles in the mood. We will ride between 4 and 6 … Continued

Where will we be?

The trip begins out of our Base Camp, which is 3 miles off of Montana Highway 83 just north of the town of Condon. We load up and begin the ride up to our Upper Camp, which is 14 miles … Continued