Custom Guided Montana Hunts

Do you have the perfect hunt in mind, but can’t seem to find anyone that offers exactly what it is you want to do? Swan Mountain Outfitters can put together a special trip tailored specifically for you. All you have … Continued

Montana Guided Mountain Lion Hunts

Montana has some great areas for hunting big Toms and is one of few states to allow hunting mountain lion (a.k.a. cougar, puma). We utilize experienced hounds men and dogs to “tree” cats. Since these hunts begin in December, you’ll … Continued

Montana Guided Mule Deer Hunting

High country mule deer hunts are our passion. Make no mistake, mountain mule deer are tough, and hunting them is even tougher. For those that have the drive and physical ability to get up high, these hunts are remarkably rewarding. … Continued

Montana Guided Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail deer are too often over looked in Montana! Boone and Crockett will confirm that the Flathead National Forest is one of the largest producers of trophy whitetail deer on public land in the country. We believe we offer hunters … Continued

Montana Guided Elk Hunting

These are among the most rugged Montana elk hunts, and we often describe them as “extreme” hunts. Our hunts are guided in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Swan Valley areas of Montana off of horseback. Our guides and horses have … Continued

Montana Black Bear Hunts

Montana black bear are fair game in both the fall and spring! Color phase bears in shades of cinnamon, chocolate, and blonde are seen more frequently than jet black bears. In fact, the Swan Valley is home to some of … Continued